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Travel Planner's Weather Guide

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Travel Planner's Weather Guide

Travel Planner's Weather Guide


A friend flew to Mexico on a cheap 2-week holiday package and came home soaked. He
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Travel Planner's Weather Guide

Russell Jennings (Author) , Penny Jennings (Co-author)

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About the book (The Author’s Summary)

This easy-to-read, 432-page guide, is an essential source for vacationers, business travellers, travel
agents and tour operators. All the world’s countries are listed as well as major island dependencies.

For every destination the guide suggests the best time to visit.

The guide warns of seasons of strong desert winds, cyclones, monsoons, snowy conditions, freezing temperatures and searing heat.

The guide also contains:

  • Weather tables for hundreds of cities showing temperatures, rainfall, days with rain and hours of sunshine.
  • Weather descriptions for every country, region by region, and season by season when necessary.
  • More than 240 maps.
  • Explanation of global warming, El Niño and La Niña.
  • List of name changes of countries and cities.
  • List of colourful cultural events.
  • When and where to go on a cruise.
  • When to ski, trek, go on safari, dive, climb mountains and visit national parks.
  • When and where to see the Great Animal Migration in East Africa.