is the website of Open Road Publishers, a company owned by Russell and Penny Jennings, authors of the Travel Planner's Weather Guide, Around the World in Sandals and Timbuktu, where are you?

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Terms and Conditions

The website is an online entity of Open Road Travels. Any visitor or user of the site needs to acknowledge the terms and conditions put down for the website. These terms and conditions are subject to change and can be revised at any point of time.

No plagiarism in any form
The terms and conditions which apply herewith to the website clearly state that no material(s) from the website can be copied, reproduced, distributed, modified or used in any form without the written consent of Open Road Travels.

Third Party Links
There are links and resources from third party website which are available on the site merely for informational purpose. In any case, Open Road Travels ( does not sponsor or endorse any of the links and is not directly or indirectly responsible for any claims or offers made by the third party websites, links or resources.

Mails and Alerts
Visitors subscribing to our mailing list as a part of our newsletter subscription services will receive news alerts and mails in their inbox at their own free will. A user can unsubscribe from this service and get them removed from our mailing list at any point of time.

Website Content
The website is not the final word of “Open Road Travels”. If any offer or service is contrary to what has been claimed or offered by the publisher (Open Road Travels), then the final word of the publisher or the owners will be accepted.

For more information, queries or any problem, you may contact us using the following information:

Open Road Travels
3316 West 8th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC,
V6R 1Y4 Canada

Fax: 604 734 1586