is the website of Open Road Publishers, a company owned by Russell and Penny Jennings, authors of the Travel Planner's Weather Guide, Around the World in Sandals and Timbuktu, where are you?

Reviews: Timbuktu, where are you?


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Reviews: Timbuktu, where are you?

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Excitement of Adventure Travel
Says Eric Sorila-Rothberg

In his book Timbuktu, where are you? Russell Jennings has captured the essence of low-budget adventure travel.

In addition to informing the reader how he enjoyed exotic dishes, found accommodations and means of transportation at minimal cost or totally free, Russell takes us beyond the excitement of adventure travel to the human element.

He makes sharp observations into the appearances, characteristics and customs of the people he meets along the way. The language is clean, informative and entertaining throughout the book.

The final leg of our trip to Timbuktu starts in West Africa where we travel by bush-taxi and passenger-truck. Along the way Russell overcomes a life- threatening fever. The odyssey continues by water. The author has purchased a fourth class ticket which entitles him to sleep on the roof of a "rusty tub" riverboat. Nothing is ordinary with the way the author travels. Before we reach Kabara, the river port for the fabled city of Timbuktu, we have chugged along the Niger River for 35 hours.

In addition to experiencing the historic Timbuktu, Russell takes us in his book on other adventure trips around the world, in getting to and from Timbuktu. With him we work our way on a wool-laden freighter from Australia to Norway, ride by horse to the unique Saqqara pyramid in Egypt, arrange a date in Russia by using sign language, travel by foot in Sudan and encounter armed tribesmen in the middle of the night, and much more.

I seldom read a book twice, but this one compels me to go back to it time after time.

Review by Eric Sorila-Rothberg, author of Green Carpet Under the Stars, a book of adventure travel to 30 world destinations including Antarctica, Mongolia and North Korea.


26th July 2010

Timbuktu Where Are You
Says Rodney Pickford

I have just finished reading this book and can not wait for the next. What a refreshing read and look at the world, A MUST READ for any young and older person thinking of travelling


5th August 2011

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