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Sample Story - Around the World in Sandals


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We hope the following excerpts from Around the World in Sandals, will whet your appetite for more.

Cote d'Ivoire (also known as Ivory Coast):



Try the bus!

 The road  from Accra to Abidjan, March 1987
See map, page 14

 "Please write it all down and tell the world what is happening to us," Thomas said.  "Yes, Thomas," I said. "Penny is recording all the stops and the amount of the bribes."

We could hardly believe the treatment the bus passengers had to endure at the police and customs check points. We were now into the ninth hour of our ordeal from Accra, Ghana to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, also known as Ivory Coast.

A few days earlier we had gone to the Canadian High Commission in Accra to read the current newspapers. We met Brian, a government official on business from the Canadian Embassy in Abidjan. A friendly, clean cut guy in his thirties, he looked cool in his blue cotton shirt and pressed casual trousers. These contrasted noticeably with our clean, comfortable but travel-worn clothes that had covered many miles of overland travel under West Africa's broiling sun.

Brian, who spent most of his time working in air-conditioned comfort, was taking a 45-minute flight to Abidjan the next day. He was intrigued by our travels. "Join me for a tall, cool one when you get to Abidjan,"he said. "You'll find me at the Embassy."