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Vancouver, British Columbia: (continued)

Victoria, British Columbia: Altitude 69m (226ft)

Region 2. Prairie Region
Southern halves of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
(Includes Calgary, Edmonton, Regina
and Winnipeg.)

Good time for travelling is mid–May to mid–September. Best is August and September.

June to August: Summer is a short season with hot days reaching 30ºC (86ºF). July is the hottest
summer month. Because the air is dry, the temperature is bearable because of the lack of humidity.
Rain is moderate, often falling as heavy showers.
September to November: Autumn. September is chilly, snow starts in October and by November the
long winter has begun.
December to February: Winter has daytime temperatures regularly below freezing. The air is cold
and dry but is not like the less bearable damp, cold air along the coast. The harsh, cold temperatures
are often accompanied by sunny, blue skies. Winter snow can stay until mid–March.